spirit_lance (spirit_lance) wrote in ff_rp_scenes,

Place: Burmecia

Characters: Kimahri, Freya

Who Can Reply: Those mentioned above, plus any in airships.

Rating: Medium

Kimahri speared the ground where the red commander used to stand.  He then got into battle stance and began to circle his opponent.  The other dragoons backed off, knowing that this cat-like creature is their commander's fight.  They circled each other.  Kimahri was in total silence, studying his opponent.

He thought he detected a feminine aura from the dragoon, but he could not tell.  The time to strike was now.  Gippal and the others were under attack.  This rat was the only thing that was gonna attack them from the ground.

Kimahri ran forward, his spear behind him, ready to bring forward to attack.

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