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A little rest and training

Location: In various locals in the FF2 world
Character: Gus
Who may reply: no one this is just a solo scene
Rating: Low to for angry mood swings

A swirl of light surrounded Gus. The faint echoing whisper of ancient voices chanting an arcane spell permiated the air. Lying still on the cold stone floor, lie the almost lifeless hunk of flesh and metal that was Gus's battle worn body. The ancient spirit's in the temple worked feverishly to keep him alive and heal some of his wounds. The swirl of blue healing light entered and exited his wounds, closing them as they exited. The whispers of otehr ancient spirit's danced in his ears, trying desperately to coax him back into conciousness. Slowly and gingerly Gus rolled over onto his back. He was still too worn to even care about the slight uncomfort of having two spears and an axe strapped to his back, as he lay there struggling to catch his breath and open his weary eyes. Hours passed before he could even stand up. Soon Gus was healed and on his feet.

Stepping out of the dim temple, the light of the outside world blinded him. He shielded his eyes as he tried to get his bearings on a potion shop. Staggering slightly Gus finally found the shop. The shop keeper was a kind old woman who immediately recognized Gus and his injuries. Without hesitation or concern for payment she handed him two of her strongest potions. He slowly uncapped one and drank the healing liquid down. By the time he went to uncap the second one he felt greatly better. Then as the last drop from the second bottle reached his tongue he felt his full strength return. He thanked the old woman and paid her anyways, despite her protests.

"Now for some food and ale."

His feet were quicker and lighter now, and he almsot danced happily as he entered the pub. His stomach was famished and he oreder the largest meal he could and two tankards of beer to wash it down. The smell of food was more than enough to revive his spirits, and the food and drink did his body a world of good. As he sipped on the last tankard of ale, thoughts of the last battle replayes in his mind.

"I rushed into it," he thought. "If I had calculated it better, or if I had been better prepared that whore would be writhing in pain at the end of my spears and begging for the swift finish my axe would provide." Suddenly he pounded the table with his massive fist and stood up. "I won't let that happen again. The bitch and her brother will pay for decieving us all!" He left the gil on the table and stormed out. He was determined to be stronger than he was. he would not fail again, and there was only one place he could think of to do it in. Deep in the woods to the west of Fynn were some of the strongest fiends around: Adamantoise. Determined to do it he set out for battle.


It wasn't long before Gus stumbled upon a great Adamantoise. Its thick armored shell was the strongest in the world. Physical attacks did little damage, so it would be the perfect target. He kept his spears sheathed as he lunged at the beast, pulling his fist back, and landing a thunderous punch. The beast looked hardly amused, and it shook it head, flinging Gus into a nearby tree.

Shaking it off Gus rushed it again, and watched as it raised its foot to stomp on Gus. Gus reached up as the massive leg came crashing down, and caught it. He struggled to lift the beast up over his head, but was thrown aside as the foot continued its path downward to the ground.

"I must defeat this beast, or Alcarin and her damn brother will kill me for sure. And then they will destroy my world just to spite me for rising up. I can't let that happen! NO. I WON'T LET THAT HAPPEN!" Gus shouted into the air. A flock of birds took flight as his voice boomed throughout the trees. An intense fire ragged on in his eyes. HE rushed again, this time in an upper cut that sent the fiend reeling. As the great turtle fiend regained its balance it attempted to stomp Gus again.

Gus caught the massive legs again, and strained his muscles hard. Sweat beaded on his brow and he gritted his teeth. He could feel the earth give way beneath him. Then he found teh strength he needed after what was almost an hour of deadlock. Pushing upwards he flipped the mighty beast onto its back. The fiend flaied wildly while it was stuck. Gus now unsheathed his mighty axe and lept high into the air, ringing the balde down squarely on the underbelly of the beast. The ground beneath the behemoth turtle buckled and cracked and the underbelly exploded in a shower of shell and blood. Gus hopped down and decided not to let the beast go to waste. Grabbing it by the tail he dragged the beast the 20 miles back to the blacksmith in Fynn.


The smith pounded away for days on the shell, until he had crafted the armor Gus and him had designed. He infused it with Mythril and gold, until finally the plate mail, helm, gloves, and boots were complete. The armor was remarkably light compared to its immeasureable dexterity. Now the smith took to his final task set before him by Gus: the creation of stronger, deadlier spears. Digging deep into his forbidden stores of old empirial arms, the smith drew forth two of the dark general swords he had stashed away. The crafting of these deadly swords into spears was tedious, but finally he was finished. Handing them over to Gus, he feared why such a gentle person would want such dangerous arms, and powerful armor. Saying nothing more Gus paid the smith and caught a ride on Cid's airship. He would head to the great dessert to the south where the fiends were numerous, powerful, and fast. His training would conclude there. When he was finsihed he would return to Besaid and his friend Wakka.
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