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Place: Daguerro

Characters: Amarant, Seymour, anyone except Seygora and Alcarin!  Not allowed! HAHAHA!

Rating: NC-17!!!! MASSIVE MOOGLE SEX!!!! AMARANT AND GARNET DOING IT!!! lol, j/k....medium,  how bouta death scene, Garnet-mun? lol

Who can reply: Anyone

Amarant debarked from the Highwind to the city of Daguerro, with Shera close behind him.  In a way, this place always kind of creeped him out.  On the other hand, there always seemed to be a certain sense of home here.  Overall, Amarant felt he could not have picked a better place.  He turned to Shera.

"Welcome to the cave-city of Daguerro!  Home of some of the finest weapon-makers and smithys in all of Gaia!" Amarant exclaimed boisterously.  He was in a good mood.  He wanted to kick some ass.

A soldier ran up and saluted Amarant. "Everything is set up, Amarant!  Doctor Tot is en route here, and the finest scientific tools in all of Gaia are here." he reported.  Good.  Amarant beckoned him closer.

"I want a twenty-four hour guard stationed by the entrance of the lab.  It is also to be HEAVILY guarded.  Noone goes in except for myself, Shera, and Garnet.  NOONE goes in unless they have my approval.  Understood?" Amarant said in a warning tone.  The soldier nodded and ran off to beef up security.

Amarant turned back to Shera.  "Take a look around.  I gave your husband the coordinates of this place so he should find it no problem.  If you need anything, don't hesitate to come and ask me." Amarant said.  With that, he hurried off to his lab.  He was anxious to get started.

Amarant got inside his lab and looked around.  Everything was indeed ready.  With the minds of Doctor Tot and Seymour, plus Cid's two cents, they should be able to get much work done.  Amarant proceed to begin studying the bomb shards...

((OOC: Cid-mun, if you want to NPC Shera, by all means go ahead.))

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