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Kain and Rosa's release from Alexandria... sorta

Location: outside of Alexandria castle
Characters: Kain, Rosa, Cecil
who can reply: above mentioned and anybody in Alexandria
Rating: Low

Kain walked outside of Alexandria, the sun was beaming on his face and he had to cover his face with his hand. It was too damned bright out for him. Rosa, on the other hand, seemed to embrace the sun with a huge smile on her face.
"ah, the Sun! it's been so long since we've seen it in that dark, dingy dungeon, don't you just love it?"

Kain just grunted disapprovingly as he looked over his armor.

the Alexandrian soldiers had apparently used his equipment... or treated it like shit. either way Kain wasn't happy.

"I need to get these repaired... where's the nearest town?"

"Well," Rosa said pulling out a map the guards had given them before they left the castle, "there's a town called 'Treno' on the other side of the mountain... but it looks a bit dangerous, and steep, i don't know if we can make it over."

Kain grunted. He could make it over no problem, it was Rosa who would have the problem.

"Other than that, theres a town called 'Dali' which is through an ice cave across the plain at the bottom of this mountain."

Kain gave another grunt of disapproval. they had very little food left, and that would take too long.
"What else?"

"um... thats really about it, besides camping."

That idea wasn't much better than walking.

Cecil seemed to be quiet through it all.

"Cecil, you have any suggestions?"

((OOC:forgive me, its my first scene!
btw... is somebody playing Rosa? because i'm pretty sure she's not, npc'd her.))
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