Captain Adelbert Steiner (loyal_knight) wrote in ff_rp_scenes,
Captain Adelbert Steiner

The Calm after the Storm?

Place: Alexandria Castle

Characters: Steiner, Beatrix

Who Can Reply: The above two, anyone else who would like in please let one of us two know

Rating: Should be low... I think? O_o

Steiner had watched the proceedings as the one trying to break through the castle gates, Kain as Steiner knew now, was reunited with the girl once prisoner Rosa and both left peacefully. Though Kain still wanted a fight, that much was certain from the cold glares he kept shooting back. Just another arrogant, hot headed warrior. But then, he DID have a good reason to fight.

It was time to regroup, to regather themselves and heal. Though the battles around Alexandria were over, and now everyone knew the truth about Seygora and Alcarin, there was still a much bigger battle ahead that much Steiner was certain of! He wanted to go straight to see Beatrix... she had looked in awful shape. If it wasnt for that.... Steiner's blood boiled again as he pushed the thought away. He had a duty to perform... gathering what remained of the Pluto Knights he sent them to help the townpeople gather, regroup, and rebuild. In some cases to bury. All those innocent people... again Steiner had to force the thoughts from his mind. He had to relax! But how was one to relax when...

After tending to his own injuries, left over from that fight with the bad haired man, the summon and the jester, Steiner decided there was only one thing he could do. There was only one person who always made things better, and well he just really wanted to see her. He realized, flushing a bit, that he just wanted to see her. He wnated to reassure himself she was all right! So asking around, he finally found where she was at currently, and knocking on the door asked,

"Beatrix? May I come in?"
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