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Gotta love a language barrier

Location: Bridges onboard the Orion and Ragnarok, and teh airspace over Burmecia
Chars: Gippal, Cid, al-bhed crewmen
Who can reply: Those mentioned above. Everyone else feel free to read it and send comments to those invovled.. :p
Rating: High
Note continued from here:

Cid blinked a moment as the strange voice came over the intercom. Was his intercom backfiring again? What in the Hell was that man saying?!? "The Hell... I can’t understand a damn word you're saying!" Cid said to himself, before his trained eyes noted that the enemy’s ships armaments were pointed at the Ragnarok. "This is Cid Highwind of the Ragnarok! I wish to talk to your captain IMMEDIATELY! Lower your weapons, FINAL WARNING." Cid was in no mood to deal with this after the whole Wutai incident. He'd give them one last chance but just in case his finger was close to a trigger...

Bits and pieces of the man's voice this time were understood by one crewman. A frantic relay of translation was sent back and forth between the crew members assigned to the bridge. In the end the best the crew understood, captain, weapons, warning. Not sure what was meant the crew man that spoke some English replied, "Warning? Captain warn you. Weapons lower."

The al-bhed lowered the defenses. Then the crew man that originally raised them re-raised them again, and punched the crew man who lowered them.

Cid blinked a moment at the request. "I don’t even have my goddamn weapons UP!" he yelled into the intercom, when he saw the weapons lower. He breathed a sigh of relief. Maybe NOW they’d get something done! Cid didn’t feel in the mood for dealing with idiots again. That was when they were RAISED again. He had warned him, told them last warning. That only left one option. He pushed the trigger, which released a few warning shots into the air beside the Orion. "I'm not JOKING here goddamn it! You have no reason to be here, no reason to fight, just let me explain things to your fuckin' captain!" Making sure he couldn’t be heard he shook his head. "IDIOTS! I hate dealing with goddamn IDIOTS!"

Shots rang out around the Orion's haul. The al-bhed panicked. One raced off over to the comm sphere and paged Gippal to return to the bridge immediately. The other swore violently in his native tongue at the fool that shot at them. In retaliation for the warning shots the al-bhed launched a few small concussion grenades into the air around the enemy ship. Each grenade exploded and sent shockwaves ripping into the other ship.

Cid braced himself as the shockwaves shook at the Ragnarok, shaking it almost as though something HAD struck its side. Had it? Did these idiots not know what WARNING shots were, and they STILL had their weapons raised! He gritted his teeth, deciding that the situation would not be getting any better and engaging mobile fighter mode. There were a few sounds about the Ragnarok that Cid toned out for the moment as parts shifted into the new mode. He glared out through his windshield, blue eyes hard. Was this to be another Wutai, where you tried to talk things over and got SHIT? "Let me speak with your captain!" Cid yelled. "It’s urgent! UR- GENT! You got that?!?" He felt better now that the ship was better suited now for whatever might come...

The al-bhed were running about frantically. They knew they screwed something up. Frantically they tried to prepare themselves for battle as Gippal came rushing in and took command at the helm.
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