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Arrival at Costa Del Sol

Location: Costa Del Sol
Chars: Reno, Selphie, Quistis, Elena, Zack, Aeris
Who can reply: Anyone in Costa Del Sol
Rating: PG-13, there are Turks involved!

(OOC:  If you're not going to be in this thread, notify me or something.  Aeris hasn't posted in forever, where'd she go?  I know that Elena/Zack is a slow poster.  No problems with Selphie/Quistis, she posts often.)

The crimson haired Turk was the first one to enter Costa Del Sol.  Oh, how he did love taking vacations.  Last time he was here he got drunk off his ass, perhaps that'd happen again?

The first place the red head went to was the bar, how fitting.  "Give me something hard!"  He commanded as he got up to the barkeeper.  The barkeeper gave him a shot, and Reno drank it.  "That feels good."  He wouldn't get drunk this soon, he payed the barkeeper and went heading towards the beach.  He wasn't exactly dressed for the beach, but it didn't matter.
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