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Location: Wutai
Chars: Jecht, Auron, Tidus, Braska, Yuna, Rydia, Sabin, Yuffie, Vivi
Who can reply: You really want to be in on the aftereffects of a battle? O_o
Rating: Low
Continued from:

Jechts allies and friends were slowly gathering themselves, and now had realized just how... odd it was he was really here. He could see Yuna looking over towards him with a confused look on her face, and Auron was here now with one simple word: "How?" Well the battle was over, and the least he could do was to explain things best as he could. Hell of it was, he really couldnt explain things out well.

"Auron," Jecht said with a smile, now able to talk with his friend on better terms than a battle. Oh sure back then theyd annoyed the Hell out of each other first, but in the end they had been close allies and friends. "Its great to see you again! Hell, Ive missed all of you guys. Its pretty damn borin' where I was and the fayth are no company!" He folded his arms, how could he phrase this?

"You know how there were those storms and fluxes and shit?" he asked. "After all was said and done I was still around, stuck with the fayth as heh, well I dont know what the Hell I was. Hurts my head to even THINK about it. Point is, they got it into their heads to use those events to their advantage. They say they just wanted to give me a second chance, but I think they were just pretty damn sick of me! Couldnt stand the party when all they wanted to do was rest. Damn partypoopers. So next storm that came close enough and BAM! Here I am again! Guess I came in at a bad time eh? Gone for a few years and a goddamn war breaks out!"

He looked back over to the others, and smiled. "I see Braskas here too and then so are you! How the Hell did you guys get back?" He asked.
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