red_cosmos (red_cosmos) wrote in ff_rp_scenes,

Location: Cosmo Canyon....maybe some world traveling
Chars: RedXIII and Claire
Who can reply: Any chars they encounter in their travels, provided we Red and Claire leave the Canyon and otehr character involvement makes sense
Rating: Prolly low....could get elevated

Stepping out of the portal Red walked over to a large bed at the Inn where Claire was sleeping. Deciding not to wake her Red climbed onto the bed and curled up next to her. When she woke up he would fill her in on the outcome of the battle. For now he was going to try and get some sleep.

Red found sleep easily next to Claire. The double summoning took alot out of him. As he tried to rejuvinate his magics, Red fell into the realm of dreams. Unlike any dreams he had ever had before, these dreams were not dreams of Red being alone. Instead they were small fragments of what life could be like with Claire. Rolling over a little with the pleasent scenes in his head, Red unintentionally bumped Claire kind of hard.
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