Kuja Tribal (__kuja) wrote in ff_rp_scenes,
Kuja Tribal

Place: Kuja's Desert Palace
Characters: Kuja, Gogo, Kefka
Reply: Setzer, Alcarin
Rating: low

Kuja stepped out of the portal and into the living room of his desert palace. It was the first place he had thought of in his haste. No doubt they'd trace him back there eventually, but it would give them a little time to regroup. And if anyone followed them...well, them vs himself, Kefka and Gogo? Not a wise idea. To be on the safe side, he gave himself an elixir to repair the damage he'd taken from Kefka's spell. Kefka would be welcome to one too.

The room was ornate and pristine, decorated in lush, warm tones. Everything from chandeliers to silver wine cups had been polished to perfection. Everything he owned, primarily books and art, had been organized carefully and arranged meticulously. Kuja, pulling Gogo along with him, quickly crossed over to a red velvet sofa and sat down with a gusty sigh, feeling drained. What exactly had gone on there? He had no idea, but he had the feeling the others were onto the game. He hoped Alcarin would be back soon; hopefully she'd come straight to him and they could find a better hideout.

"Welcome to my humble abode; make yourself at home. There are elixir in the chest near the table there, enjoy. Do try not to get anything dirty."

He watched the portal carefully, waiting to see if anyone else dared to jump through after them.

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