Vivi (vivi_unlimited) wrote in ff_rp_scenes,

Erk, I only got time for a quick post

Place: Alexandria

Characters: Vivi, Yuna, Garnet, others

Who Can Reply: anyone

Rating: Low

Vivi stepped out of the portal, right in front of the castle.  He can still Alexandria was still out, protecting his city.  He could probably tell Yuna might be a bit shocked.  Part of the city looked like it was still burning from the attack.  A guard ran up to Vivi.  He recognized Vivi immediately.

"Master Vivi!  You have returned safely!  I shall go inform Queen Garnet and Captain Steiner immediately." he said, and he ran off.

Vivi turned to Yuna, who was taking in the surroundings.

"Welcome to Alexandria."

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