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Irvine's Ramblings

Location: The streets of Balamb
Characters: Irvine
who can reply: Anyone
Rating: Low

As Irvine continued down the road, his smiles was broad. His thoughts weren't deepened by depressing thoughts, as would have been his comrade Squalls, but yet his were chipper and happy. He'd just spent a while with his new pet butterfly, who was quickly becoming his new best friend. He loved to play with it, and hoped to teach it some new tricks sometime. Besides, he'd heard that women loved the animals.

His trench coat flew out behind him as a strong gale of wind blew into his face, pressing along his loose strands of hair as well. He had his guns as always, holstered along his hips, and his creamy brown hair brought into a small, loose ponytail at the nape of his neck.

He'd left the Garden in search of another. He'd quickly tired of flirting withg girls at the Garden, and wanted new prey. Besides, the Garden Masters continued to scold him for his free flirting style, and many of the women became jealous over his ablitity to flirt with many women at once. Half of what they considered flirting wasn't even thought of as such in his mind. He'd seen too many fights in Balamb Garden, and headed off, thinking of maybe taking a portal to a different place. Maybe then he'd find some hot girls....

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